SciYbotic Labs

Globally Harmonized Laboratory Automation

SciYbotic Labs is a laboratory automation solution that uses robotics, complex instrumentation and knowledge management software to increase throughput and reduce errors with automated data integrity.

Customisable Solution

SciYbotic Labs is fully highly adaptable and can be applied to solid or wet testing – virtually all workflows can be handled by the system. In line with our flexible, instrument agnostic SciY software products, a SciYbotic Labs solution uses your chosen instrumentation, modelling package and analytical workflow to carry out the desired analysis.

synTQ is at the centre of the SciYbotic Labs solution, connecting the different systems together. The software controls all aspects of the SciYbotic system including the robots, LIMS systems, and real-time monitoring of data. synTQ manages the instrumentation, workflow and robot and its use means that the same, validated analytical workflow can be used in laboratories around the globe without change.

Scalable, Harmonized, Connected

The scale of the solution is entirely flexible to the client’s needs – it can comprise of a large-scale lab facility or a single contained unit. It is possible to begin your SciYbotic Labs journey with a small implementation, which can be expanded depending on how your requirements develop and grow.

SciYbotic Labs works by configuring modular, automated work benches to customise your laboratory workspace.

Systems can include:

  • Several benches configured in one lab or multiple space(s)
  • Multiple fixed and mobile robots executing the desired workflows
  • Various instruments used in your analytical workflow, based on your needs.
  • Run just one workflow at a time or run multiple workflows concurrently.

With full integration to manufacturing sites, SciYbotic Labs connects with LIMS systems. If synTQ is also implemented in the manufacturing site, having the same knowledge management platform in both laboratory and manufacturing facilities ensures seamless connectivity between the two.

Validated Data

A key feature of the SciYbotic Labs solution is that multiple installations can use the same validated analytical method in their processes.

synTQ interfaces with the robots in an S88 style, meaning that the robot moves are separated from the analytical method.

To repeat the same analytical method in another location, only the the physical robot moves differ, and this change is a simple engineering and revalidation task. Therefore, the same, validated analytical method can be used in multiple different laboratories, sites and even countries. synTQ provides the capability of sharing these methods in a controlled and GMP-compliant way.

Removing the need for the costly revalidation of analytical methods has the capacity to significantly reduce the implementation costs and time.

With SciYbotic Labs, you have the opportunity to reduce the costs of R&D and analytical testing.
SciYbotic Labs was devised by Optimal Industrial Automation, our SciY automation and system integration specialist.

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