The Why

Our goal is to ensure that scientific data delivers maximum value to its users. Every piece of research data matters when it comes to making our world a little better each day. We firmly believe that open software platforms and solutions serve science and research best.


The Brand and its Origins

SciY is a vendor agnostic software brand that offers a wide range of scientific software solutions throughout the entire life sciences value chain. SciY is a concept by Bruker BioSpin, born from collaborations with various vendor agnostic software partners, such as Mestrelab, Arxspan, Optimal Industrial Technologies, Optimal Industrial Automation and ZONTAL.

With a shared forward-thinking entrepreneurial vision and an understanding of the potentials and added value arising from a joint market presence and a complementary brand portfolio, the partners decided to bring together their individual activities in one common hub: the SciY brand house within the newly founded Integrated Data Solutions Division of the Bruker BioSpin Group.

SciY bundles all current vendor agnostic software platform and solution brands, as well as any future developments that will emerge from the synergetic alliance. One of the main drivers behind SciY is the development of new and innovative, modular software solution platforms that strictly focus on the needs of our specific markets and their applications.

The purple Octahedron of SciY symbolizes Automation, Versatility, Modularity, Integration, Research, and Freedom