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The SciY software solution portfolio includes software and data management platforms and solutions that are utilized in various fields, ranging from medical technology and pharmaceuticals to materials science and food research.

All SciY software solutions and developments are driven by our deep understanding of customer needs in the life sciences. Based on four key segments, SciY is enabling clients to create new and innovative, modular software solution platforms that prioritize the requirements of specific markets and their analytical applications.

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We Bring Instruments and their Data into a Holistic Data Workflow

Analytical Solutions - Mestrelab

Be more efficient in your daily tasks and gain more time to invest in innovation. With intuitive graphical user interfaces and seamless integration, our analytical solutions modules are tailored to fit the needs of scientists, as well as their IT and compliance managers.

  • Innovative scientific software for analytical chemistry
  • Automation solutions for data workflows, ELNs, request-to-results workflow management, knowledge-based systems, and AI-ready data management
  • Tools supporting applications for NMR, LC/GC/MS, and optical spectroscopy data
  • Data processing, analysis, reporting, storage, and intelligent mining of databases

Scientific Data Management, Workflow Execution and Insights – ZONTAL

Make digital transformation to the lab of the future a reality with the GxP compliant cloud platform of ZONTAL. The only Life Science data platform solution that manages all data needs of a lab and that eliminates ETL and “data wrangling” barriers in secondary data science workloads:

  • Long-term data preservation: Securely store and access data for years
  • Digital lab integration: Seamlessly connect systems and devices
  • Life science analytics: Analyze complex data with ease
  • Rich contextual metadata: Reduce errors and accelerate workflow through complete data lifecycle management

Electronic Laboratory Notebook Solutions - Arxspan

Your ultimate cloud platform for scientific data management that seamlessly integrates chemistry and biology data to enhance collaborative research across internal teams and external partners.

  • Supporting various industries: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Contract Research, Energy, Manufacturing, Clinical Research, and Academia
  • Centralize and virtualize data, maximize discovery and innovation, speed product development, externalize research programs, enable process improvement, heighten process efficiency, ensure compliance, improve outcomes, and foster cross-sector collaboration

PAT, Integration and Automation Solutions - synTQ and Optimal Industrial Automation

Integrate and automate software and hardware services to enhance data management for compliant and complex manufacturing.

  • synTQ PAT Knowledge Management software enables real-time process monitoring and the control of critical quality attributes, non-invasively, to facilitate Quality by Design (QbD) via Process Analytical Technology (PAT).
  • Integration services to apply SciY (or third-party) products to laboratory or manufacturing environments, along with PLC, DCS, SCADA and other automation equipment, robotics, quality-centric machinery and machine vision.

About the Team

Santi Dominguez - President of Bruker Integrated Data Solutions

We help customers to get to scientific results faster, more cost effectively and conveniently by automating and digitalizing workflows to generate, analyze and utilize scientific data for better and faster decision making.

Sciy's offerings are customer and data centric, based on principles of automation, versatility, flexibility and integration, with a focus on optimizing quality and productivity for our customers.

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