SciYbotic Tablet Test (TT) Machines

Smart At-Line Testing



Optimal Industrial Automation by SciY is developing the SciYbotic range of Tablet Test (TT) Machines for fast at-line testing. The first production machine is for oral solid dose (OSD) testing. The SciYbotic tablet testing (TT) range reduces test cycle times while assuring product quality. The solution maximizes the profitability of batch and continuous manufacturing by rapidly identifying quality drifts or out-of-specification tablets.

SciYbotic TT machines can be tailored to your requirements – they can test for assay only or test for weight, thickness, hardness, content uniformity and assay.

The SciYbotic TT-A60 tests tablet assay at a rate of nominally 60 tablets per hour. Watch our video below, for more details.

The synTQ software platform, by SciY, powers the TT system, providing real-time insight into the manufacturing phases, maximizing visibility and control to incorporate Process Analytical Technology (PAT) into the design.

The machine can integrate with the user’s preferred instruments and chemometric models, so your validated laboratory analytical method can be brought into at-line testing.

Accurate tablet positioning is critical, and the system uses systematic and precise tablet positioning techniques to ensure fast, accurate operation. This incorporates:

  • Robotics
  • 2D code reading
  • 2D vision
  • 3D vision

For simple, precise tablet handling after testing by the TT-A60, the tablets are kept in uniquely marked, fully traceable trays and are easy to individually access.

The tested tablets are traceable to the data stored in synTQ.

SciYbotic TT machine can run as standalone system or be integrated into the existing production control system.



To learn more about the SciYbotic TT range of Quality Test Machines, watch this video:

SciYbotic TT range of Quality Test Machines


The TT range enables the digitalisation of pharmaceutical manufacturing from the lab all the
way to commercial-scale production.

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