SciY Announces Major Enhancements to its Product Platform Research

New Software Features Elevate Data Management and Analysis
in Life Sciences Research

Mnova Suite for Combined NMR, LC/GC/MS and Electronic & Vibrational Spectroscopic Techniques

ASILOMAR, California – April 8, 2024 – SciY, a leading product platform of vendor-agnostic software solutions across the life sciences research, development, and manufacturing automation and QC functions, is excited to announce significant enhancements to its product platform solutions of Mnova, ZONTAL, and LOGS.

Mnova Suite for Combined NMR, LC/GC/MS and Electronic & Vibrational Spectroscopic Techniques

The integrated software suite, Mnova, combines NMR, LC/GC/MS, and Electronic & Vibrational Spectroscopic techniques. Its latest release, Version 15, introduces new products, versions, and commercial adjustments, delivering an upgraded user experience with enhancements across plugins like NMR, MSChrom, Chemometrics, and DB.

To address the challenges of accessing and managing spectral data and diverse datasets across various platforms, we introduce Mnova Hub. This unified data browser is designed to connect Mnova seamlessly to various data providers. The newly released Mnova Hub, a plugin of Mnova, empowers scientists to connect Mnova to Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS) such as ZONTAL, LOGS (both by SciY), and third-party systems. This allows Mnova users to search data in the Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS) from within Mnova, open it, reprocess it, and save it directly back into the SDMS.

This integration of Mnova and the NMR data processed within it into a fully FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) workflow eliminates the need to download and/or open each dataset individually. This seamless data handling connects to various data sources, including SQL databases, Topspin, ZONTAL, Mnova DBs, and other file systems, ensuring a homogeneous experience in handling extensive datasets.

Mestrelab is also delighted to be collaborating with the US Pharmacopeia (USP), an independent, scientific nonprofit organization focused on building trust in the supply of safe, quality medicines. This partnership seamlessly integrates the USP-ID’s identification and quantification methodology for benchtop NMR into the Mnova platform. This collaboration Mnova users access to cutting-edge, USP certified, fully automated mixture analysis.

ZONTAL and LOGS advancing Scientific Data Management

The SciY product platform is extending its scientific data management offering with its innovative solutions, ZONTAL and LOGS. These software solutions are designed to empower scientific research teams, enabling them to work more effectively and efficiently, and ensure FAIR data-compliant scientific research data management. ZONTAL provides an enterprise-sized, scalable implementation of the FAIR Data principles, making it suitable for enterprise industrial, government and academic setups. On the other hand, LOGS facilitates compliance with the FAIR data principles with fast, on-premise single laboratory deployments, through centralized, secure, and efficient data management.

The SDMS solutions offer flexibility and seamless collaboration. The on-site/online functionality allows team members to work from anywhere, promoting collaboration. Central data storage lowers the risk of data loss and simplifies data management, ensuring data security and organization. The ability to simplify lab data administration through automated backups reduces IT workload, providing data protection. Automatic data upload saves time and minimizes human error, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Easy access to data and its enrichment with high quality metadata at the point of acquisition facilitates research, promoting data transparency and enabling automated analysis downstream, by AI and other methods. The system integrates seamlessly into existing processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Both ZONTAL and LOGS provide interfaces with other solutions in the SciY Product Platform as well as other third-party solutions.


Mnova 15 incorporates enhancements in the DB plugin to streamline the creation and management of databases, providing a range of comprehensive options.

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