SciY Launches New BioDrive Tool and Registration Module for Enhanced Data Management and Collaboration in Molecular Biology Research

The new Arxspan BioDrive is a tool for molecular biology that provides cross-functional research teams with a single, integrated data management platform. With Arxspan BioDrive, users have the ability to create, import, and export nucleotide and amino acid sequences in various file formats, import sequences directly from NCBI's database, design primers using the Primer Design Tool, and maintain relationships between molecules. Additionally, users can align designed sequences with one or more sequencing files, plan cloning projects, and complete their biological workflow seamlessly.

SciY has also launched a new version of Arxspan’s Registration Module. The enhanced Registration Module provides a comprehensive solution for managing molecular biology, biology, and chemistry data all from a single platform. It features user-customizable fields, flexible parent and child naming and/or numbering, integrated chemistry drawing tools, and advanced search capabilities. The Registration Module, with its seamless integration with the new BioDrive and the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), allows users to eliminate data silos that hinder data sharing across project teams, thereby enabling a more efficient and effective completion of biological workflows.

We are excited to launch the new BioDrive and the new Registration Module to provide cross-functional research teams with a complete solution for managing molecular biology, biology, and chemistry data from a single platform. Our goal is to help scientists be more efficient and productive in their research by simplifying the data management process," said Guy Desmarquets, Senior Director of Sales and Business Development, SciY.

BioDrive and the Registration module are available now and can be accessed through Arxspan by SciY cloud-based scientific informatics solutions. For more information, please visit


Molecular Biology Research: The New BioDrive by SciY

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